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Bayside Lifestyles Building and Pest Inspections is a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. This experience has seen us across multiple areas within the industry, from specialising in new home builds and boutique renovations to being investors, renovators, and home buyers.

Anthony Taffe, Bayside Lifestyles founder, created this company because he wanted to give home buyers and people building a home, something different, being a definitive presence.

The new normal has become that a builder does not stay on a worksite with their tradesmen, ensuring the work is done to a high standard. Instead, leaving their tradesmen to finish the job, this is not the case with Bayside Lifestyles.

“Quality is and always has been our number one priority.”

Anthony believes that if you are present then you can ensure that everything is completed to a high standard, with the client’s best interest at heart.

We at Bayside Lifestyles see the importance of having a safe home and pride ourselves on providing the best information, advice, and service we can to ensure this.

Bayside Lifestyles follows the ethos of, treating every client as they would a family member. Essentially what this means is, the recommendation we give to our clients are the same recommendations we would give to our family members.

With our team on your side, you can be confident in the quality of the property you are purchasing. Quality is and always has been our number one priority. With our team fully insured and licensed, comprehensive reports, and professional advice, your peace of mind is assured.

We at Bayside Lifestyles are old fashioned at heart, we are not here to make millions, we are here to help people.

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