Aerial roof inspection in Brisbane!

An aerial roof inspection is the fastest way to area mapping. With a planned flight path, it is possible to check the whole place on a single charge. The majority of commercial drones fly for 20 – 40 minutes. On the other hand, manual inspections can take a lot of time and is more risky. Also, it requires an experienced team to do so.

Talking about the structural integrity of residential or commercial buildings, roof inspections are the most important part of the inspection process. Frequent roof inspections allows you to detect issues at an early stage and perform preventative majors. Regular inspections via drone technology provide detailed 2d or 3d models that help you take accurate measurements of degradation issues, signs of leaks, and other signs of damage. UAV operators capture data and this accurate data is then observed to understand what will be the fast and effective way to solve the issues.

Aerial roof inspection with the help of a Drone

Drones are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs. These drones can capture high-resolution and detailed images of affected areas. Moreover, the use of drones allows the roof inspectors to map out the whole structure, and see things that are left unchecked. There are many advantages of using a drone for data capture –

  1. Reduce manpower and survey process duration.
  2. Cost-effective method 
  3. Improves the safety of owners as well as workers. 
  4. Increase accuracy and measurement.

Drone roof inspection procedure

Roof inspections with drones allow the inspector to use a variety of drones with some software applications. Here are the basic steps that are followed while using drones to inspect any building.

  1. The drone operator makes a flight plan. He/she can make it on-site or in his/her office and make sure to mention important details like the address of the buildings. Afterward, he/she defines the roof perimeter.
  2. Once the plan is made and the drone pilot shows the green flag to it, he/she uses an app to launch and control the device.
  3. The drone follows the path fixed in the app and displays the detailed roof report by capturing images and other important information. The gathered information depends on the sensors and intentions of the flight.
  4. Within a few minutes, the drone will land automatically and transfer the data to configured device. Building inspectors will then use the valuable data to draw conclusion.

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Camera Drone for Aerial Roof Inspection - Bayside Lifestyles Brisbane
Camera Drone for Aerial Roof Inspection - Bayside Lifestyles Brisbane