Pre-purchase Pest Inspections 4109, Altandi

This inspection takes place before purchasing a property and includes both a building and a pest inspection, covering both internal and external areas of the property. This inspection will allow us to identify any structural issues or hazards with the property. From this, we will provide you with a report on problem areas and improvements required on the property. We aim on providing you with the best service, to ensure the house you buy is up to the Australian Standard. This inspection can be extremely cost-saving as issues needing to be fixed are identified prior to completion.

Inspections are carried out using the latest technology, including Thermal Imaging Camera and the use of a Moisture meter, to identify current or previous damage both internally and externally.

Pre-Sale Property Inspections: Building & Pest

Pre-sale Inspections take place prior to a house going on the market and is a service we offer to homeowners looking to sell their house. This service offers homeowners the opportunity to see the exact condition their house is in prior to putting it on the market. Once the inspection is complete, a report is created, listing all findings, and providing recommendations for improvements. From this inspection and report the homeowner is aware of the exact state their house is in and any improvements that could be made to potentially increase its market value.

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Combined Building & Pest Inspections cover the following areas:

  • Interior of Building
  • Exterior of Building
  • Roof
  • Subfloor (if applicable)
  • Roof Exterior
  • Garage/Carport
  • Garden Shed
  • Retaining Walls, Fences, etc.


$450 – $650 depending on size